Monday, June 13, 2011

A Bike Rack Built for Two

Adjustable P-Trap Joint
I wanted to try to build a bike rack for the Bible Study at Battery Park. I wanted something lightweight and portable. I decided to make a curvy bike rack similar to the ones I see across campus in Atlanta. I used PVC pipe to keep lightweight and cost-efficient! To build this I used one PVC pipe and 3 adjustable p-trap PVC pipe joints.

  • First I cut my PVC pipe into 4 equal individual pipes. I used a 1.5" pipe and cut into 26" sections, but you could use any length or width you want.

  • Next, I assembled it into the shape that I wanted. I pulled the top of the p-trap off, so all I had left was the curved, elbow joint. I used those pieces to create the curved shape and stuck the leftover pieces on the end of the bike rack. I used pipe cement to secure the pipes into the joint.

  • Once everything was assembled, I spray painted the bike rack. I chose red, so it would stand out.

You can add as many sections that you want to increase the size of the bike rack. Simply cut more poles and add more P-traps to the figure. 

Have Fun!

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