Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Street Signs

I figured what is a New York City street without some street signs, so I decided to paint and build some out of pvc pipe and cardboard. 

How To
  • First, I spray painted the pvc pipe silver. I used a hammered silver spray paint. The pipe can be however long you need it to be. I didn't feel like buying new pvc pipe, so I just connected some smaller pieces together to get the height I wanted.

  • I also spray painted the pvc pipe caps silver to match the poles. Then I attached them to the top of the poles. 

  • I cut street signs out of a cardboard box. Then I painted them to look like street signs. I chose to paint Broadway, 42nd Street, and 7th avenue.
  • After the signs had dried, I hot-glued the cardboard signs onto the pvc pipe poles.

Now you have a street sign!

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